Welcome to OTD.COM!

Why is there nothing on this page? The fact is, I run otd.com purely for personal stuff. My email is here (I've had the same email address for 20 years, if you can believe that), and my home connectivity. I also host a variety of personal web pages, blogs, domains, email, etc for others. But because these arrangements are personal, not business, I don't have services to advertise here on the otd.com home page, and any content I want to share would go into its own subdomain, not right here.

One last note, to those checking to see if this domain is for sale: It is not. Let me repeat:
This domain is not for sale.
I don't have a price in mind, because it is not for sale. I don't care that the content has not changed in a "while," it still isn't for sale. If it goes on sale, I will put a note on here saying I am willing to sell it. Until then, please stop asking. Along those lines, as long as this text is on this web page, if you send me an offer, it must be either obscenely high (by which I mean "enough to buy a house" high, not "enough to buy a TV" high) or contain an apology for wasting my time, or I'll just make a note of your name/organization, block your email address, and make sure that, if I ever do sell this domain, it will not be through you/your company. If that seems spiteful, consider this: If you're sending me blind purchase requests without reading the web page, you're clearly fishing at random, and don't have any idea what you're doing. Also, you're irritating me.

Everybody else: Sorry for the rant.